Inflatable Boat Showroom and Sales, Perth

When it comes to inflatable boats, Perth leisure seekers know that they can have a great deal of fun with them. Such boats are now suitable for use as jet boats or leisure boats and offer the same comfort and convenience as boats made from other materials. However, they are a lot lighter and this means that you can have one of your own and transport it more easily than a heavier one. Such boats are often referred to as rigid inflatables. We have many such boats for you to look at, or if you cannot come to our showroom you can refer to the list of suppliers on our website.

We have several well-known brand names that boat owners know and trust in these kinds of boats, so you can have peace of mind that whatever you purchase will serve you for many years, whether you have it for pleasure or for work purposes. Of great interest to many people are the amphibious craft that can be driven on land as well.

These have wheels attached so that you don’t even need a boat trailer, but can drive your boat up out of the water onto the sand and attach it to your vehicle when you are ready to go home. This makes going out for a day’s fishing or for a pleasure ride easy and convenient. The wheels fold up once you are in the water. These amphibious craft are ideal if you live in a waterfront home.